Founded in 1974 by José Pereira Ferreira and his wife, Maria Manuela Ferreira, today, JODEL continues to be a solid project, able to adapt to growing market demands, and has dedicated itself, since its foundation, to the manufacture of detergents.


Starting its activity with the production of own brand solid and liquid detergents, JOEL, the company took its first steps at a small manufacturing plant in Odivelas.


With a family nature always present, already focused on its customers, its main customers were large corporate entities, such as hospitals and the hotel industry.


Between 1975 and 1998, JODEL continued working out of Odivelas.

However, with the ideal of improving the present and creating the future, the company evolved and invested in its processes to address its customer needs.


With a boom in sales in the market of major distribution, in the 90’s, an increase in its facilities was imperative.


Therefore, in 1997 it began construction on its current plant.


And in 1999 JODEL began the production from its current facilities, with a total area of 120,000m2, in the Industrial Zone in Aveiras de Cima, with its founder returning to its home town.


The decade of 2000 showed that market demands boosted the need to increase capacity and the optimisation of processes.


Therefore, in 2006 JODEL began production of atomised solid detergents using the NTD manufacturing process and, in 2012, the construction of an automatic warehouse of excellence, thereby adding a new technology to the process, quickly taking a stand in the market.


Also thanks to the qualification of its human resources, a tool which has allowed a remarkable growing process, today, JODEL is internationally known as a supplier and partner of reference.


For 40 years, many key events have led JODEL to being a company present today in several markets of renowned value, keeping, intact, the family spirit and ambition to continuously improve, characteristics it has since its foundation.


History will continue to be built as such for many years, together with customers and, especially, for them.

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