To attain an important National and International status in the area of Liquid and Solid Detergents through the continuous improvement of its production processes and a strong involvement of the Research and Development Laboratory, while also counting on the motivation of its human resources.


To offer a continuous and timely service of excellence, evolving in a manner which provides added value to its customers by increasing the performance and quality of its product.


JODEL shares the following commitments:



Ensure total customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reinforce its international position through the best price/quality ratio.


Promote and create awareness of environmental sustainability.

Bet on the personal and professional development of its employees.


Develop better product and service solutions to obtain the best results and exceed the expectations of all customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

Performance / Rigour / Management

Remain competitive; obtain the best indicators to comply with the mission; guarantee quality and environmental management and streamline resources.